Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or loved one this coming winter? If so, check out our one of a kind wool sweater mittens! Our mittens are handmade and hand-sewn from gently used wool sweaters, and contain a warm fleece lining. Prior to sewing, the sweaters are washed, shrunk, and felted, making them more dense, and thus warmer for cold winters!  Every sweater pattern is different, making each and every mitten unique and its own!


If you find the perfect mittens for you, please email me and specify the image number. You can find this number by clicking the image and looking at the number located directly within the image box.   Added to each mitten picture is either sm/md or md/lg  to specify approximate size. 


**Keep in mind, there is only one pair of each design, so if you like them don't wait before it's too late! Enjoy! :)

$25 Per Pair  SALE!